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Omie Craden

Post Sound Supervisor • Designer • Mixer


OMIE CRADEN cut his teeth as an audio engineer, sound designer and mixer under the tutelage of industry giants Kevin Doyle, Scott Boyling, and Bruce Fleming starting in 1988. Working at some of Canada’s most prominent studios, projects included ad campaigns, television series, and music albums.


After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, Craden earned a chair at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank and received an Emmy Award for Best Sound for his work on the hit series 3rd Rock from the Sun in 1997, and was nominated again the following year.  He also worked on numerous films, television series, network promos, ad campaigns, and movie trailers for major studios and independent producers.


Returning to Toronto in 2001, Craden sound designed, edited and mixed long-format and reality TV shows, documentaries, sports programming and promos for CTV/Bell Media’s numerous networks.  He also worked with the CTV team during the 2010 Vancouver Winter and 2012 London Summer Olympics.


In 2002, he founded Frame By Frame Sound Inc., an international post-production sound company providing in-studio and remote services with real-time approval for film and TV clients worldwide.


Presently, Craden is based in both London, England and Bangkok, Thailand working as an independent sound supervisor, designer, and mixer for local and international clients.

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