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Omie Craden is a dedicated creative individual whose attention to detail is second to none.  I cannot say enough good things about my on-going experience working with him as the post sound supervisor and designer on the feature film Don't Come Here.  A consummate professional, Omie is a team player whom you can count on when the going gets tough and he will always go that extra mile.   I would more than highly recommend contacting him for you next project. 

                                                                                  Douglas Thomas. Director/Producer, Fish in the City Films

Omie has been a pleasure to work with and a great asset to the team on my short film An Evening With Mum.

He sound engineered my project in no time and any notes I had were easily addressed. Omie treated my project like one of his own and went the extra mile to ensure the final product was as good as possible. He added his creative input and took pride in our satisfaction which I'm forever grateful for! Will definitely be working with him in the future and will be recommending him to others :) His wealth of experience and attention to detail is truly priceless!

                                                                                  Peter Lay, Writer/Producer, Bunk Bed and Sofa Productions

Omie came onto our feature film production Upon The Edge as a Dialogue Editor. He operated efficiently, overcoming the necessity of remote working (due to COVID) and tight deadlines to deliver an exceptionally crisp dialogue edit, often going above and beyond his role by supporting all other aspects of post-production sound. His ability, experience and attention to detail were invaluable. Moreover, he was a pleasure to work with and we would be delighted to work with him again in the future.  

Timothy Reynard, Director, DeCantillon Films

Working with Omie Craden on our feature film Love, Guns & Christmas was truly a great experience. He went above and beyond our every expectation and his attention to detail was truly amazing. We were thoroughly impressed at how talented and skillful he is at his craft. We appreciate the extra time that he took to make sure that we were completely satisfied with every aspect of sound in this film.  Most importantly, he is a wonderful person to work with and we really look forward to working with him on our next film.

Earl Nanhu, Director/Producer, Lunarscape Productions Inc

Irena Angeloutsa, Producer, Aanjali Pictures

Omie performed a small miracle for us.  We were on a very tight schedule to deliver our film Tru Love to the Raindance Festival in London, England for it's world premiere.  Omie went above and beyond to deliver the mix on time while brilliantly interpreting our vision of the film using his excellent post-production skills. Not only is he thorough, creative, and diligent, he is also very pleasant to work with. 

Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald, Producer/Director, TomGirl Films Inc.

We had an incredibly complex post-process, needing to ADR 70% of our film Kennyville.  Omie went far beyond his job title of sound supervisor to actually record every ADR session with all of the actors, help recruit new members of the post-sound team, and assist in obtaining the best resources at the best prices. He had a strong passion for the script and his knowledge of post-sound is extremely deep. 

Brooks Hunter, Producer/Director, Robanzo Pictures

I have had the opportunity to work with Omie Craden on a few projects in the areas of both film and corporate communications.  He did the sound design and mix for a film project my company produced called Ice Time.  

We had limited time to get this back to L.A., and had high expectations for the finished product.  Everyone in both creative and management on this film was extremely pleased with the final audio post results.  Omie has been exceptional to work with and I’ve always felt that his attention to detail and work pace has been a real asset. 

I look forward to working with him again in the future. 

Bob Gothro, President, RFG Productions Inc.

Omie is a first-rate Sound Designer/Mixer.  He consistently delivers high-quality work, he’s terrific to work with, and his vast knowledge of audio post-production is second to none.  We have worked together on many projects, but most notably on Eco Challenge which I worked on as Executive Producer in association with Mark Burnett Productions.  Omie’s expertise and hard work on this important project always generated a highly productive and creative studio environment.  He intuitively delivered what we demanded in the final mix, and played an important hand in the crafting of our shows.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Omie Craden’s audio services to anyone looking for an excellent Sound Designer/Mixer whose solid professionalism insures a great final product every time.

 —Bruce Cowley, Senior Producer/Director, Animal Planet/Discovery Civilization

Omie has sound mixed many of my documentaries over the years.  He is a creative, conscientious technician who has an excellent ear.  When he sound edits my stories, he is detail-oriented, attentive to suggestions and direction, and takes genuine ownership of what he is working on.  His mixes are carefully balanced between voice, music and actuality—he intrinsically understands that clarity of editorial content is paramount, but is able to creatively incorporate other audio elements.  Though Omie often works in a pressure cooker environment, where he must process multiple projects for our daily show, he remains cool, collected and engaging.  It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with him. 

Ben Schaub, Senior Producer, Bell Media/CTV/Discovery Canada, Daily Planet

As a Senior Producer for Discovery Channel Canada’s Exploration Production Inc., I have had the pleasure of working with sound designer/mixer, Omie Craden on a variety of projects where he has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to our team.  He played an essential role on the documentary series: Untamed: North America and Regeneration, co-productions of Discovery Channel/EPI and TeleImage Nature in Paris, France. Both projects were enormous undertakings and required high-end audio work under tight time constraints. Working closely with the French Directors and myself, his professionalism, versatility, technical proficiency, and expertise in post-production sound provided us with a final product we were proud of.  Under pressure, he consistently delivers high-quality work.  And our team at CTV/Discovery Channel enjoys working with him. Without hesitation, I recommend Omie Craden to any post-production studio or production company, as I know they will benefit from his uncompromising work ethic, talent, and expertise. 

Larry Bambrick, Senior Producer, Discovery Channel Canada/Exploration Productions Inc.


I am a Senior Producer for the Bell Media Creative Agency, I have worked with Omie Craden on many occasions. Omie does post-sound, recording, editing and mixing for some of the commercials and corporate video productions that I produce for Bell and Bell Media.  I always enjoy working with Omie because he is not only very talented, but he is also reliable, efficient, hard working, and a great guy to be in a post-audio suite with for hours on end. I can always count on his knowledge and experience to help me produce the best soundtrack for my production. 

Robert Benson, Senior Producer, Bell Media/CTV

From 2010 to 2013, I was the Managing Producer for Discovery Channel’s flagship show Daily Planet, a fast-paced, high-pressure show, which is delivered on a very tight nightly deadline.  During that time, I had the pleasure of working with Omie Craden, senior sound designer/mixer who, in the twelve years that he has been working on Daily Planet, has developed strong working relationships with a large team of producers, and consistently delivers exemplary, high-quality end-product in spite of enormous time constraints.  I have also worked with Omie on numerous one-hour Discovery Channel/EPI specials, most notably Mars Landing 2012: The New Search For Life, for which Omie provided the post-production sound.  (The show was sold to Discovery US and Discovery International, and was seen throughout the world).  Omie Craden is a top-notch post-sound professional, and I unhesitatingly recommend him to any studio or production company considering using his estimable talents. 

Julie Borthwick, Manager Broadcast Operations, Rogers Sportsnet

In my position as On-Air Promotions Producer at CTV, Discovery Channel Canada, Animal Planet, Discovery Civilization and CTV Travel, I have worked with Omie Craden on many occasions.  He has sound designed and mixed numerous promo packages for us over the years.  It is essential that promos have excellent sound; and we continue to rely on Omie’s use of sound design, strong mixing abilities, and experience with promo packages to give us just that.  Therefore, I have great confidence in trusting our promos to him, knowing that he will consistently deliver excellent product.  In addition, he has a great attitude, and is well-liked by our staff.  For these reasons, I highly recommend Omie Craden as a top notch sound designer/mixer. 

Nancy Block, Senior Promo Producer, Bell Media/CTV/Discovery Canada

It has been my pleasure to work with Omie Craden, Senior Audio Engineer, numerous times on a variety of projects on behalf of Ford.  I can assure anyone interested that his work is excellent and his manner is personable, resourceful and reliable. 

Edward E. Cole, Creative Director/Senior Partner, JWT

Omie’s work ethic and professional demeanor made him an invaluable asset to our team at Kinetic Post.  

Without hesitation, I would recommend Omie to any studio or Producer who is considering hiring him. 

Gary C. Shifflet, Vice President of Operations, Kenetic Post Inc.

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